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Hours: Mon – Sat: 6am to 8:45pm, Sun: 8am to 6:45pm

Fresh Bread Delivered Daily

Bagels, rolls, heroes, and freshly sliced rye bread

Bread & Baked Goods

Specialty Beers from Poland

We carry a large variety of Polish Beer including Zywiec, Warka, Tyskie, Perla, Lomza and Lech.

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Polish Deli Meats

Polish deli meats and cheeses, a variety of kielbasa and kabanosy (thin kielbasa) and many packaged products imported from Poland.

Deli Meats

Imported Specialty Items

Packaged herring, fruit syrups and juices, coffee and tea, cookies and snacks, canned meats, mustards, jams and jellies, bottled water and tomato sauces.

Polish Specialty Items

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Shop Local in Greenpoint, NY

Shop Local in Greenpoint, NY

Shop Local for Food, Glorious Food! We love food here at Busy Bee Food Exchange, that's why we're in the food business. We started out over three decades ago wanting to give the community a place purchase food from "back home" in Poland. A local supermarket supplying...

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A Short Piece on Pierogis

A Short Piece on Pierogis

Pierogi (also spelled pirogi) are dough filled pockets that are traditionally boiled in water. Filling can be sweet or savory, and the unleavened dough can be made with our without eggs. The word pierogi comes from the Polish word "pierogi." Also known as varenyky,...

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The Best Tailgate Beer in Greenpoint, NY

The Best Tailgate Beer in Greenpoint, NY

Maybe we're a bit partial, but here at Busy Bee we think Polish Beers are some of the best tailgate beers. With tailgate season fully upon us, and the weather cooperating nicely, now is a good time to switch up your game by adding awesome Polish tailgate beers, along...

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We’re Greenpoint’s Neighborhood Local Grocery Store

Busy Bee is an old school Polish-American local grocery store. On the Polish side, we carry a variety of Polish deli meats and cheeses, a variety of kielbasa and kabanosy (thin kielbasa) and many packaged products imported from Poland, including packaged herring, fruit syrups and juices, coffee and tea, cookies and snacks, canned meats, mustards, jams and jellies, bottled water and tomato sauces.


The Polish deli meats are very popular and we do have the best cold cut prices in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. The rye bread is also extremely popular especially because we slice it ourselves. We carry a lot of Polish beer including Zywiec, Warka, Tyskie, Perla, Lomza and Lech. We also have a kitchen that prepares home-made old-world Polish foods including pierogies (meat, cheese, potato), cabbage hunter’s stew (bigos), stuffed cabbage (golabki), beets and horseradish (cwikla), tripe soup (flaki), and jellied chicken.  The kitchen also makes home-made salads including vegetable salad, macaroni salad, potato salad and cole slaw. The pierogies are by far the coveted around the Christmas season. The kitchen makes sauerkraut and mushroom pierogies, which is a huge attraction (every year people wait on line for over an hour for a fresh batch).

On the American side, we carry Boar’s Head cold cuts and basic essentials you would find in a supermarket: milk, dairy, ice cream, pasta, snacks, soda and other drinks and juices, paper towels, Windex, Tide, cereals, etc. We have a growing bread section (aside from the rye bread) with olive loafs, Francese, garlic loafs and assorted rolls. We are known for our meat section. Perdue chicken; ground beef and pork; pork chops, ribs and cutlets;  and beef fillets and steaks. All are cut, prepared and packaged on premises. Everything is very fresh as we have multiple deliveries per week. We also sell fresh produce. We have a growing selection of organic products: milk, eggs, dairy, cereals, and snacks. We have a very impressive craft beer selection as well as the standards such as Heineken, Bud and Becks.

Our staff is friendly and knowledgeable. We’ve been in neighborhood nearly 50 years and we plan on staying at least 50 more. Some of the buildings and people may change, and some of it stays the same… and we’re always here to serve our neighbors some of the best Polish and American food in the Greenpoint, Brooklyn area.

We're Your Local Grocery Store

Greenpoint, Brooklyn has enjoyed Busy Bee Food Exchange for half a century. This old world Polish / American Deli and Market is a big part of Greenpoint. We have grown along side the families we serve. Some of our clients have been coming since they were toddlers and now they bring their grandchildren. We love our customers, and enjoy being part of this vibrant community. READ ABOUT US
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The best way to see what we’re all about is to stop by and meet us at: 185 Nassau Ave., Greenpoint, NY 11222. Our hours are: Mon – Sat: 6am to 8:45pm, Sun: 8pm to 6:45pm If you’re looking for a particular product, give us a call at 718.389.2188 Or email us by filling out our CONTACT FORM

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The Elusive Deli Pickle

With a big thank you to the immigrants that arrived in NYC in the late 19th century and early 20th century, we have the perfect sandwich accoutrement: the Deli Pickle. Back in the day, cucumbers were cleaned and put into barrels with pickling brine (course salt, water, spices, garlic, and dill), and left to ferment for a few weeks, and sometimes for months. The amount of pickling time is what made a pickle half-sour or full-sour. Delicatessens began serving pickles with their sandwiches because the sharp contrast in flavor made it the perfect palate cleanser. New York Delis became famous for their barrels of pickles. Somewhere around the same time, James Young, a chemist from Scotland, created a way to jar pickles in glass jars, thus making it easy for everyone to purchase them. Busy Bee Food Exchange is proud to carry on the tradition of pickles in a barrel. Our Deli Department sells both full-sour and half-sour dill pickles. Stop by and pick up a few. Slice them up when serving your next sandwich and watch your meal go from “looking good” to “fan-pickle-tastic!”