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On-Site Butcher & Fresh Meats

Busy Bee Food Exchange is a purveyor of fine meats. Our butcher prepares some of the best beef steaks and fillets in Greenpoint. When you cook up our fresh meats, the flavor comes through. No barbecue or holiday meal or stew should be without quality meat from the start. No matter how much you pound out or marinade to lock in juices, you need to start with fresh cuts of meat. Our meat department does their best to offer the best cuts around. We also grind our own beef and pork. Pick up a bit of both to mix for the best in meatballs, meatloaf or chopped steak.

  Purdue chicken is delivered twice weekly, which rounds our our weekly meat deliveries to four times a week! Our stock moves fast so you can be sure it’s always fresh and always at a competitive price. Our store makes it easy to grab all the ingredients you need for a family dinner, a romantic picnic, or a full on dinner party. Starting our with butcher fresh meats will make your meals that much better.

Our Butcher is busy with deliveries of fresh meat & poultry throughout the week.