Shop Local for Food, Glorious Food!

We love food here at Busy Bee Food Exchange, that’s why we’re in the food business. We started out over three decades ago wanting to give the community a place purchase food from “back home” in Poland. A local supermarket supplying the local people with goods that were not local. Yet we didn’t stop at being an import store.

Busy Bee Food Exchange offers locally made foods, including specialty Polish items. Many, not all, of our items are from New York and the Tristate area. By offering foods locally, it cuts down on the environmental cost of moving foods from one area to another. Even some of our beers are local.

Staying a specialty store dedicated to old world European culinary foods makes it hard to stay completely local in supplying foods. We don’t import unless the item is completely unavailable here or is not of the quality we expect to sell at our market. Again, our focus was never towards being an import store. Our dedication is, always will be, to the community of Greenpoint.

The community has changed a bit over the years, and so has Busy Bee Food Exchange. We’ve added a full line of organics and offer everything you need for one stop recipe shopping. Our prepared foods are still some of the best home made Polish specialties around, and we also have the deli necessities such as potato salad, macaroni salad, etc.

Of course we can’t call ourselves a local only shop, but we’re local. Our employees, manager and owners are local. Our suppliers that bring our inventory are local, and many of our products are local. Our store is local. We’re a family owned, locally run deli / supermarket / Polish foods / organic store / bakery / coffee bar / beer shop! We may be a mouthful of stores in one, local is certainly one of them.