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Specialty Items from Here & There

At Busy Bee, you can find a whole variety of interesting products to try. While our focus has always been on traditionally Polish items, we also carry fantastic items sold all over Europe. Of course, we carry your old favorites as well.

We must first mention our kitchen. Our staff meticulously prepares traditional Polish favorites from scratch using old Polish recipes. Every one of our meat, cheese and potato pierogi are made completely by hand using the same recipe from 50 years ago – some things just should not be changed! Around Christmastime, we prepare our special sauerkraut and mushroom pierogi. But be warned, the lines can reach an hour’s wait – they’re that good!

The kitchen also makes a beef tripe soup, from scratch, that is famous in Greenpoint. It really has a good peppery kick to it. Also an old favorite is the hunter’s stew called bigos that goes great with kielbasa. The kitchen also prepares a wide range of homemade salads. Check in with the kitchen staff – they’re always there to explain something or answer any questions.

Bottled water and juices imported directly from Poland compliment every meal. Naleczowianka, Tymbark and Hortex and very popular brands.

It’s the simple condiments and side dishes where the taste is familiar, but just different enough to add a little variety. At Busy Bee, you can buy your old favorite Heinz ketchup, or you can try Pudliski ketchup from Poland (try the hot variety). Try some of the famous Polish’s mustards which go great on kielbasa! We carry Vlasic and Heinz pickles and also Polonaise (which goes so fast we can hardly keep them on the shelves). Eddie’s pickles are a Greenpoint favorite – pickled locally, you can buy them from a jar or straight from the barrel!

Our Lowicz jams and jellies from Poland are top sellers. Many consider them to be more hearty and fruity than others. Or, if you prefer, you can travel to France and try Bonne Maimon jellies. If you don’t feel like traveling, stay at home with New York’s own Sarabeth’s jellies.

We didn’t forget desserts that the Greenpoint crowd craves. Enjoy Lindt and Wedel chocolate or munch on Tate’s cookies. Or perhaps treat yourself with some ice cream. We carry a huge line of Haagen Dasz, Ben & Jerry’s and Greenpoint’s own Van Leeuwen ice creams.

We are constantly searching out and incorporating new items that we hope you would enjoy. Please feel free to contact us with any suggestions you may have.