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fresh bread

Fresh Breads & Bakery Items


We work closely with our partner bakeries, to ensure that you get fresh local bread everyday. The star of our breadbasket is our in-store sliced rye bread from the New Warsaw Bakery.  Delivered daily, the New Warsaw Bakery provides both rye and Lithuanian fresh bread near you at the Busy Bee Food Exchange.

Other bakery partners such as Babka Bakers deliver fresh Polish bread to our store every morning.  Delicious loaves such as whole spelt and cranberry and pumpkin seed loaves arrive every morning to our store.  We take the idea of bakery to your table seriously. As a supplier of Hudson Breads, you can find fresh loaves of sourdough, multi-grain, focaccia, and raisin nut.


Our bread section is consistently growing as we provide fresh local bakeries a location to showcase their products.  As your local grocery store, we are where you can find fresh, delicious bread near you.

We have recently introduced new products from our bakery partners such as olive loaves, garlic bread, and a large assortment of rolls.  Of course, our deli counter can provide the best meats and cheeses to accompany your bread choices.

Busy Bee Food Exchange is your local provider of fresh breads, meats and deli products in your community.